About Riahi Legal

Niousha Riahi is a certified lawyer in Québec practicing in civil, family and commercial law, holding a Bachelor of Civil Law, Juris Doctor (J.D.) and Master’s in law (LL.M.)  from Université de Montréal pleading before different tribunals in Québec, including Superior Court and Court of Appeal of Québec.

Attorney Riahi has acquired a range of experience as a lawyer in litigation, representing a diverse clientele, including high-profile professionals and entrepreneurs, construction corporations, and vulnerable partners in family law cases. Niousha Riahi also serves business owners’ clients with legal solutions tailored to their needs by aiming for creative and cost-effective results.

Attorney Riahi is fluent in three languages, serves a multicultural clientele, and has been involved in international private law litigations and cross-border commercial transactions. From multi-jurisdictional family case law to multinational business agreements, she is well-equipped to serve her clients with determination and transparency.

After working in governmental bodies in Canada and the United States of America, as well as in private law firms based in Montréal and internationally, Attorney Riahi uses her best skills to negotiate, draft agreements, and make representations before the Court based on clients’ needs.

Attorney Riahi is also involved in the community by authoring law articles to promote the integration of newcomers by way of educating them on their rights. For this purpose, Attorney Riahi has been a volunteer for Ligue des droits et libertés (section de Québec) and other community organizations devoted to immigrants.


Spoken languages: English, French and Persian